We The People Opportunity Farm


"My experience coming out one Saturday afternoon with W.T.P.O.F was an opportunity I will always remember. I was so thankful to have been able to get my hands in the dirt and help spread the soil. The soil that would soon nourish the plants that will grow and eventually support the nourishment of the people in a community that W.T.P.O.F will provide. What started out as a desire to help my friend Melvin's organization and volunteer my time during a time of uncertainty...turned into so much more than that.

To me, the ripple effect is powerful! With all of the many hardships endured by people on this planet, it can be easy to get discouraged and feel anxious and overwhelmed. This opportunity offered a way for me to focus on something different. To meet people that are part of something positive and taking action to support their community. My experience on that particular day reflected that and reminded me the ripple effect is endless. It started from a man with a seed and a dream. I am honored to have experienced a glimpse of it that day and look forward to seeing it grow and flourish day by day, month by month and years to come. This opportunity filled my heart with joy, gratitude and love...simply by working with others and getting dirty. Thankful to the men and women I met and worked with that beautiful Saturday afternoon. I will hold it close in my heart and look forward to the opportunities W.T.P.O.F. will offer in the future. What a great experience! Thank you!"
Juliana Fox
"I started volunteering with WTPOF when I first moved to Michigan for grad school in 2016. I was unsure how I could be useful to this organization since I had no agricultural knowledge to offer, but every weekend that I showed up, Melvin found a way to get everyone involved to get things done. It's great to know that I can come out to the farm on any Helping Hands day to plant seedlings, do some weeding, and meet new people who all are working toward the same mission."
Alyssa Travitz
“We The People Opportunity Farm has been a wonderful place to spend time and learn at. Farmer Parson has worked hard to cultivate an environment for growth, both of the plants and the people who come through to help out on the farm. The chances I’ve had to work with Farmer Parson have been pretty transformative and given me a lot to reflect on. I always recommend heading over to the farm to volunteer to my friends.”
Joey Valle