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On July 1, we launched a $125,000 fundraising campaign to help us grow more food, grow our impact, and grow the relationships we're forging with people coming home after being incarcerated. 

The donations you make towards our $125,000 fundraising campaign will not only help us be financially resilient, but you'll also help us expand and enhance the experience of our paid internship program, the program your giving made possible this year. Our goal is to add new coaching, infrastructure, and mentoring for formerly incarcerated people to return to our community with opportunities, skills, and a strong social net of support. Our interns not only benefit from their work with our community, but in turn help us continue to feed our neighbors and partner with our restaurant and retail clients as they are doing their own pivot toward re-opening post COVID crisis. We are creating a local food ecosystem of resilience, responsiveness, business and love that you are a much needed part of. 

*** The amount you see raised only reflect the donations which have come through our website. they do not reflect contributions made through PayPal, checks or other forms.

*** Great news update!--- In mid August Grace Fellowship Church House of Solutions along with Community Family Life Center agreed to extend our land lease for multiple years! Therefore raising funds for land acquisition in longer necessary so we have adjusted our fundraising goal to $100,000.00

As of 9/25/2020 we are 87% of the way to our goal with close to $87,000 raised!!

Our Mission

Our mission is to break the cycle of incarceration in Washtenaw County by investing in the employment and development of formerly incarcerated men and women through farming and community engagement.

Our Values

Radically Inclusive: Including everyone, especially accepting and accommodating people who have historically been excluded (due to their race, gender, sexuality, or ability). We honor different identities, ideas and experiences and invite everyone, especially those who have historically been excluded, into the pursuit of our mission.

Intentionally Collaborative: We cannot meet our mission without you. We invite you into our work. We value the power of collective thinking and impact, even when it is challenging.

Courageously Disruptive: In all that we do we will stretch ourselves and those we work alongside to challenge the Prison Industrial Complex.

Rooted in Justice: We work vigorously for freedom and justice for formerly incarcerated Black, Indigenous, Latinx, People of Color and, by extension, all incarcerated people.

Committed to Growth: We will steward all our resources with integrity, love, and respect for the earth. This in turn, fuels our belief that all living things when nurtured in good soil, given sun, and water will flourish

Our Fundraising Goal!

As of 9/07/2020 we have raised $68,999.69. this widget only reflects contributions through Wild Apricot

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