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With a grateful heart I’m happy to report that we exceeded our fundraising goal! 

We embarked upon an ambitious fundraising campaign on July 1. In 12 weeks we raised $126,000! This is the beginning of our next phase of growth & flourishment as a nonprofit. Our organization takes great pride in the fact this was not a $126,000 grant awarded to us, but in fact, was our community coming together from their own pockets to ensure our goals. Gracias! 

Raising money at any time is challenging so the fact that our organization was able to ignite this generous level of support during a pandemic, recession and uncertain times is astounding! Your collective generous response to our fundraising request fills my heart with deep gratitude and motivates me to continue this good work. 

Over 450 incredible supporters contributed to this fundraising effort, which will specifically target expanding our paid internship program for formerly incarcerated individuals. As we change the soil in our interns' lives, we are also sharing produce grown at our farm to feed our community healthy, lovingly grown organic vegetables at no cost through our inaugural food distribution program. 

Feeding the body, soil and mind is a great privilege for We the People Opportunity Farm. Whether you have come alongside us financially, physically, in spirit or all the above, we value your engagement in this important work and look forward to sustaining this vital mission together.  

Our Mission

Our mission is to break the cycle of incarceration in Washtenaw County by investing in the employment and development of formerly incarcerated men and women through farming and community engagement.

Our Values

Radically Inclusive: Including everyone, especially accepting and accommodating people who have historically been excluded (due to their race, gender, sexuality, or ability). We honor different identities, ideas and experiences and invite everyone, especially those who have historically been excluded, into the pursuit of our mission.

Intentionally Collaborative: We cannot meet our mission without you. We invite you into our work. We value the power of collective thinking and impact, even when it is challenging.

Courageously Disruptive: In all that we do we will stretch ourselves and those we work alongside to challenge the Prison Industrial Complex.

Rooted in Justice: We work vigorously for freedom and justice for formerly incarcerated Black, Indigenous, Latinx, People of Color and, by extension, all incarcerated people.

Committed to Growth: We will steward all our resources with integrity, love, and respect for the earth. This in turn, fuels our belief that all living things when nurtured in good soil, given sun, and water will flourish

Our Fundraising Goal!

As of 9/30/2020 we met our goal by raising almost $126,000. this widget only reflects contributions through Wild Apricot

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