Our Fundraising Campaign

Sun, June 28, 2020 5:16 PM | Anonymous

On July 1, we are launching a $125,000 fundraising campaign to help us grow more food, grow our impact, and grow the relationships we're forging with people coming home after being incarcerated. 

The donations you make towards our $125,000 fundraising campaign will not only help us be financially resilient, but you'll also help us expand and enhance the experience of our paid internship program, the program your giving made possible this year. Our goal is to add new coaching, infrastructure, and mentoring for formerly incarcerated people to return to our community with opportunities, skills, and a strong social net of support. Our interns not only benefit from their work with our community, but in turn help us continue to feed our neighbors and partner with our restaurant and retail clients as they are doing their own pivot toward re-opening post COVID crisis. We are creating a local food ecosystem of resilience, responsiveness, business and love that you are a much needed part of. 

It took a whole village to wrap its arms around me when I came home from prison. Thank you for coming alongside me as I pay our gratitude forward to those who are coming home and find their way now. Won’t you join me now in paying it forward ? 

Your donation to our campaign will ensure that no pandemic, no blip in the economy, no systemic injustices will change the direction of this organization or gets in the way of our impactful mission. Your donation to our campaign allows us to secure more land, will put more returning citizens to work, will keep our community fed, and will do so much to allow the common roots of an equitable future for everyone to take hold. Join me in this work, donate today. Our farm needs your help to make the future possible. 

In Solidarity 

Melvin Parson
Executive Director
We The People Opportunity Farm

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