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We The People Opportunity Farm October Newsletter

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The Harvest Festival of Thanks was all that we could hope for. We were so thrilled to have so many community members, friends and supporters there to celebrate and join in the festivities. Thanks to those who donated time, finances, food, and resources to make this event as spectacular as it was. We can’t wait until next year! Thanks again to our food sponsors: Zingerman’s, Cultivate Coffee & Taphouse, Detroit Street Filling Station, The Lunch Room, Frita Banditos, MAIZ Mexican Cantina, Ollie Food & Spirits, Sidetrack Bar & Grill, Lucky’s Market, Tyler Weston & Dana Laidlaw! You are the best!! 

We also had an excellent reptile presentation by Ahmid Ward the “creature teacher”, and apple cider pressing demonstration by Chuck Bartielli! The kids (and adults) were engaged in the hands-on learning experience. Everyone also enjoyed hunting in our own pumpkin patch and decorating pumpkins generously donated by Kim Bayer from Slow Farm. 



Thanks to your generous time spent volunteering and supporting our organization, we were able to have another successful growing season. We harvested over 2900 pounds of produce that was delivered to local restaurants such as Frita Batidos, Zingerman’s Deli & Roadhouse, MAIZ Mexican Cantina, Detroit Filling Station and The Lunchroom. These vital partnerships with local businesses are the foundation that will drive our organization’s mission to employ returning citizens as we continue to expand our farming capabilities and community relationships. 

Our last harvest for the year took place on October 31st and we have ceased farming operations for the season. As a team we will be shifting our focus to developing a program to holistically support the returning citizens we hope to hire in Spring/Summer of 2020. We are also determining how we can sustainably increase our production and connection to funding sources in order to further our vision and mission in the New Year!


Did you know?

Washtenaw County has a recidivism rate of over 60%. This is one of the highest in the state and has continually increased since 2010. According to The Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Department, “A large majority of individuals returning to the jail are low level misdemeanor offenders and probation violators with housing, employment, education or behavioral health challenges”. These realities are what drive us forward as an organization and as individuals and families seeking to make a difference in our local communities.

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